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This online Micro-Course and short film examines the benefits of a coaching approach to development and sets out key techniques and approaches for coaching conversations. 

Coaching focuses on helping people to draw on their own resources in order to meet the challenges of their role. This short course explains the benefits of a coaching approach and shows how to have effective coaching conversations.

Coaching is a development approach that is focused around helping people to recognise and draw on their own resources in order to face the challenges and demands of their job. As such, it represents an investment in building the capacity of your people and developing the long-term skills and abilities of your workforce and can be particularly effective for people who are new to a leadership or management role.

In this short course, psychologist Sarah Lewis shows how coaching conversations can support your training and development goals and demonstrates key techniques and strategies through a series of dramatised conversations.

This course will give a better understanding of:
  • The purpose of coaching
  • The benefits of taking a coaching approach to development
  • Situations in which coaching can be effective
  • Key techniques and strategies to use in coaching conversations
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