Dealing With Sensitive Issues: Overview - Micro-Course

  • 3 Months Access
  • 1 Unit
  • 10 minutes

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This Micro-Course looks at how to address sensitive issues in the workplace such as alcohol misuse, bereavement, body odour and office romances.


Certain problems that arise in the workplace touch on sensitive personal issues and need careful handling if they are to be addressed effectively and not lead to tribunal action. It’s important to be guided by concern for the individual as well as being mindful of the impact of the issue on their work and colleagues. The aim should always be to have a constructive dialogue that focuses on finding a workable and sustainable solution.

Combining drama and role-play with analysis of the legal implications for employers, workplace mediator and psychotherapist Barry Winbolt looks at the challenges of addressing sensitive issues in the workplace and demonstrates some effective techniques for doing so.

Learning Outcomes

This Micro-Course will give a better understanding of:

  • the importance of taking action early to stop issues from escalating
  • how to broach personal issues and address them sensitively and effectively
  • considerations around employees’ privacy and confidentiality
  • key legal considerations for employers when dealing with sensitive issues at work

Produced by Skill Boosters.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Barry Winbolt – Trainer, mediator, psychotherapist and writer
  • Petra Venton – Employment Support Lawyer, Cripps LLP