Dealing With Sensitive Issues: Overview

  • eLearning
  • 2 Units
  • 27 Minutes

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Some issues in the workplace are particularly sensitive and need careful handling. Combining original drama with expert analysis, this course looks at how to approach and resolve some common issues in an effective way and offers advice on avoiding legal pitfalls.


Whether it’s speaking to someone about their bad body odour, tackling issues around someone’s personal life, dealing with sickness and bereavement or addressing suspected alcohol or drug abuse, being able to have conversations around sensitive issues is a key skill that can mean the difference between a happy, productive workforce and one that’s plagued by stress, poor employee dynamics and low productivity.

It’s also essential for employers and managers to be aware of common legal pitfalls around dealing with certain issues in order to avoid costly tribunal action further down the line.

Combining thought-provoking original drama with insight from an employment law expert and leading workplace psychologists, this course from Skill Boosters provides employers and managers with a toolkit for raising delicate and personal issues and resolving them effectively at an early stage.

Learning Outcomes

This eLearning course will give a better understanding of:

  • why certain issues are particularly sensitive and the challenges we can face in dealing with them
  • effective communication techniques and the importance of respect, compassion and sensitivity
  • common legal pitfalls and early steps to take to avoid tribunal action
  • the importance of drawing up clear policies and terms and conditions of employment and communicating them effectively
  • when conversations need to move from expressions of concern to the disciplinary process

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