Formal Disciplinary Meetings

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This online Training Course provides a step-by- step guide to chairing a formal disciplinary meeting to investigate allegations of poor performance or misconduct by an employee.


A formal disciplinary meeting will be held as part of an organisation’s disciplinary procedure, usually to consider some aspect of misconduct or poor performance. If you’re asked to chair such a meeting, there are several things that you’ll need to do to ensure that the meeting goes smoothly, the allegations are properly addressed and an appropriate sanction is imposed. You’ll also have to make sure that your decision is communicated clearly to the employee and that a comprehensive record is kept of proceedings.

Combining dramatised scenarios with best-practice guidance and key legal advice, this course provides a quick-reference step-by- step guide to chairing formal disciplinary meetings and ensuring positive outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • how to prepare for the meeting
  • roles and responsibilities of those attending
  • how to set out the case and address the allegations
  • choosing an appropriate sanction
  • what to communicate to the employee after the meeting

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Course Matter Expert

  • Petra Venton – Employment law expert  

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