Inclusion Essentials - Creating an inclusive environment for staff and customers

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  • 45 Minutes

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If we think about diversity as being the ‘mix’, then inclusion is being able to understand and leverage the needs, skills and insights of this diverse mix in a way that delivers competitive benefits for the organisation. Inclusion Essentials demystifies issues around equality and diversity and provides a practical introduction to the key principles for promoting inclusive working practices.


Inclusion means different things to different people and is sometimes confused with added business burdens and positive discrimination. Yet at its heart, inclusion is fundamentally about ensuring that everyone has the same rights and opportunities, regardless of factors such as their ethnicity, age or gender or whether they have a disability. Inclusion enables organisations to source the very best talent, get the most out of a diverse workforce and cater to the needs a varied and dynamic customer base.

Combining thought-provoking drama with insight from leading equality and diversity experts, Inclusion Essentials provides quick insight into the benefits of inclusion, explains the UK Equality Act and sets out how to identify and respond to discrimination and harassment, providing a one-stop shop for creating a truly inclusive environment for both staff and customers.

Learning outcomes

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • What we mean by equality, diversity and inclusion
  • The basic provisions of the Equality Act 2010
  • The key benefits of having an inclusive working environment
  • How to provide a genuinely inclusive and accessible customer experience
  • How to put diversity and equality policy into practice.

Produced by Skill Boosters in association with Pearn Kandola.

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