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Inclusion and Diversity eLearning and Micro-courses bring benefits to the heart of the workplace.

We can put together a unique, engaging and flexible online training package to suit the requirements of your business.


Each eLearning course engages and affect a positive behaviour change, and can make all the difference to your bottom line from attracting top performers, engaging employees hearts and minds to increasing productivity, efficiency and getting to know your customers better.

eLearning and Micro-Courses

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Each online training course combines video drama, expert analysis, documentary sequences and interactive study to provide flexible, cost-effective training that delivers results.


NEW Micro-Courses provide a wealth of valuable and accessible training on workplace behaviours.

Micro-Courses cover topics from Diversity, Leadership and Banter in the Workplace to dealing with sensitive issues. They are engaging, accessible and Effective, they are bite-sized video chapters, learner notes, subtitles, transcripts and quizzes with an easy to use menu structure.

Access Anyplace, Anywhere

Micro-Courses are optimised to use on smartphones, tablets and PC to ensure a great learning experience across all devices. Delivering learning outcomes in less than 15 minutes.

Flexible Learning Packages

The perfect tool for training staff whenever, or wherever you like - our eLearning and Micro-Courses can be used for just-in-time learning (just before a difficult conversation for example), as ice breakers for induction sessions, or as part of your scheduled training.

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The range of Inclusion and Diversity training packages, including:


  • Equality
  • Race
  • Religion
  • The inclusive workplace
  • Disability etiquette
  • Cultural awareness

Unconscious Bias

  • The impact of micro-behaviours
  • Understanding unconscious bias
  • Gender Bias


  • Assert yourself
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with sensitive issues
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Understanding problem behaviour
  • Tackling problem behaviour
  • Informal disciplinary conversations
  • Formal disciplinary meetings


  • GDPR
  • Modern Slavery Act
  • Working with the Bribery Act
  • Working with the Data Protection Act


  • Inclusive Leadership 
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Performance appraisals
  • Social media in the workplace
  • Fair recruitment
  • Maximising potential through developing strengths
  • Six steps to leading great meetings

Bullying and Harassment

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Effective interventions

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Stress Less
  • Doing the right thing
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