Life or Death Communication Lessons - MasterClass

Join our real-life hostage negotiator for a one day masterclass! Communicating confidently begins with an awareness of both your own strengths and vulnerabilities as a communicator.

How good at listening are you? Do you tend to jump to premature conclusions in conversations? Do you have an ability to 'read' what the other person really means when they communicate with you, to understand the ‘other person’s world’?

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1 Day MasterClass


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Wright Solutions will take you on a journey that's anything but corporate. You'll acquire and embed elite-level listening skills, experience a vivid adventure and see immediate and lasting results. You will gain a rare power to influence, negotiate and persuade.

This masterclass will provide you with the skills that will give you access to an individual's mindset without their knowledge. You'll learn to use your insight into a person's values and beliefs to influence their actions.

What does the MasterClass cover?

This Life or Death Communication Lessons MasterClass will provide you with the skills to:

  • Gain and build trust and rapport, individually and as a team.
  • Glean information without asking questions.
  • Interpret the true significance of what's being said.
  • Use conversational conventions to boost your influence.
  • Position an action as desirable using your client, colleague or companion's core values, rather than your own.

What are the MasterClass outcomes?

By the end of the MasterClass delegates will have learned how to:

  • Plan and prepare like a hostage negotiator for that important conversation.
  • Bust the biggest communication myths.
  • Build and gain trust and rapport, individually and as a team.
  • Get information without asking questions.
  • Listen with heightened awareness.
  • Know what to listen for.
  • Interpret the true significance of what’s being said.
  • Test their hypothesis without offending the other person.
  • Use the social rules we all abide by in conversation to their advantage.
  • Deal with challenging people.
  • Master the art of negotiation.
  • Move to advanced level listening. Tell your friends and family it’s impossible to sustain for long so you won’t be able to read their minds (all the time!).

Who is this MasterClass for?

Anyone who wants an intensive day of learning how to communicate more effectively.

MasterClass Venue

Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre
1 Devon Way,
West Midlands,
B31 2TS.


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