New - Disabled adventures in work and recruitment

Disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as their non-disabled counterparts, and this represents a huge loss to the workplace. This course dispels some of the myths around employing disabled people and looks at how to provide appropriate support for staff with disabilities.


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Disabled adventures in work and recruitment

Employers often tend to see the disability before the person and make assumptions about their needs and capabilities – and this can mean that the skills and potential of disabled job applicants and staff are not being properly recognised. In this course, we take a humorous look at the world of work and recruitment from the perspective of disabled people through the experiences of a group of disabled professional comedians from the comedy collective Abnormally Funny People. 

Guided by founder member and leading disability trainer Simon Minty, the course provides personal insight and guidance on recruiting and employing disabled people and sets out how to provide reasonable adjustments and support in the workplace

This course will give a better understanding of: 

  • Why outdated and uninformed opinions can make it hard for disabled people to enter the workforce and advance professionally
  • Key considerations when interviewing job applicants with a disability
  • Common mistakes that organisations make with regard to their disabled staff
  • How to make reasonable adjustments and provide appropriate support for your disabled employees
A 25 minute video-based online eLearning course with downloadable learner notes and assessment quiz.
Produced by Skill Boosters in association with Simon Minty and Abnormally Funny People.
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