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Building World Class Negotiation Capability

You're at the negotiation table. You have all your strategies planned. Then the other party comes up with the unexpected... Are you prepared for this? Have you a fall-back position? If not, why not?

Life or death Negotiating

Stakes have never been so high to achieve your desired outcomes.

Your clients are getting tougher, more innovative and are taking control of so much of the negotiation process - researching, evaluating and deciding on an outcome before they sit round the table.

Richard Mullender - Negotiation Specialist

Richard Mullender Negotiation Specialist

Our training is delivered by real life hostage negotiator Richard Mullender

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Learn how to negotiate a better deal and achieve your goals

Critical situations require a life or death response, and our unique negotiation training team will bring the world of hostage negotiation and business together, where the norm is to rehearse, review and improve skills to enable your people to collaborate with their clients to create a Win-Win negotiation that accelerate the decision.

The 'Negotiator' Training programme

Our negotiation training is gleaned from the closely guarded world of hostage negotiation, where outcomes can listen, understand and influence results in life or death situations. We will teach and improve you and your teams negotiation skills and capabilities by firstly getting you to adopt the hostage negotiators gold standard approach of:

  • Understanding the structure underlying all negotiations
  • Understanding what is preventing you from negotiating effectively and overcoming the barriers
  • Identifying the appropriate skills used in negotiations
  • Practicing skills learnt in live situations
  • Planning and Preparing a strategy for upcoming negotiation

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