Six Steps to Leading Productive Meetings - eLearning Course

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Meetings should be collaborative, productive spaces that make the best possible use of everyone’s time, skills and experience. This course looks at why so many meetings go wrong and provides six key pointers for making sure they go right.


All too often, the meetings we attend are tedious, irrelevant and a waste of our time – when they ought to be a place where we can get together to share information, skills and experience and achieve something special. Meetings are an expensive activity for any organisation, so it’s important that they actually achieve what they set out to do, and don’t just stop people from getting on with their jobs.

Using a mix of drama and expert commentary from leading workplace psychologist Sarah Lewis, this course looks at why so many meetings go wrong and provides six easy steps for reclaiming the power of the meeting and turning it into a dynamic space for constructive collaboration.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Sarah Lewis – Appreciating Change

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