The Impact of Micro-Behaviours in the Workplace - eLearning Course

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  • 1 Unit
  • 25 Minutes

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It might just be that quick glance at your watch, failing to acknowledge a colleague’s suggestion, checking your texts in a meeting or forgetting a name. But the little things we do say a lot about what we’re really thinking - and send powerful messages to those around us.

This eLearning course examines the impact of micro-behaviours in the workplace and looks at the crucial role they can play in building positive working relationships.

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Micro-behaviours are the tiny, often unconscious things that we say and do, making those around us feel included, valued and motivated – or excluded, unappreciated and disrespected. Long overlooked in the workplace, micro-behaviours are increasingly being seen as a crucial part of building employee engagement, improving performance, boosting motivation and unlocking creativity. Combining original drama with expert insight and analysis from leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola LLP, this course shows how micro-behaviours could be holding back your organisation and how getting the little things right can make the big things work.

Learning outcomes

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • What we mean by micro-behaviours and micro-messages and their impact in the workplace
  • The damage caused by negative micro-behaviours (‘micro-inequities’)
  • The relationship between micro-behaviours and unconscious bias
  • The importance of being aware of and regulating our own behaviour
  • How using positive micro-behaviours can support diversity and inclusion

Produced by Skill Boosters in association with Pearn Kandola.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Professor Binna Kandola OBE- Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola
  • Dr Nic Hammarling - Head of Diversity, Pearn Kandola