Understanding and confronting sexual harassment at Work

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The more we discover about the extent and impact of sexual harassment in the workplace, the greater the need for employers to take concrete action to tackle the problem.

This online course takes a fresh look at the nature of the sexual harassment and sets out a whole-organisation approach for eliminating it.


Sexual harassment is a problem that blights the lives of millions of workers and represents a huge cost to employers in terms of poor performance, reduced productivity, staff turnover and reputational damage. As studies and surveys reveal the true extent and toxic impact of sexual harassment in the workplace, being able to get to grips with this issue has become a must for every organisation.

Featuring leading behavioural and legal experts combined with original drama and compelling first-person accounts, this course takes a fresh look at the nature of sexual harassment, setting out the moral and business case for tackling it and providing guidance on bringing about positive cultural change through the use of bystander interventions, robust sexual harassment policies and effective reporting systems.

Learning Outcomes

These courses will give a better understanding of:

  • The causes and dynamics of sexual harassment
  • why it’s a problem that is significantly under-reported
  • How it impacts at an individual and organisational level
  • The importance of having robust policies and reporting systems
  • Effective intervention strategies for victims and bystanders
  • How to handle complaints of sexual harassment and conduct fair investigations.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Dr Helen Mott, Women’s rights consultant and expert in sexual harassment prevention
  • Michael Conroy, Founder, Men at Work Organisation
  • Georgina Calvert-Lee, Senior Counsel, McAllister Olivarius

Produced by Skill Boosters in association with Helen Mott.


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