Posted on 2nd March 2018

Who’s Really Making the Decisions?

Who’s Really Making the Decisions?

Find out how bias could be holding you back.  

In this lightning fast and connected world, to keep up our brains are constantly making split-second judgments about people and situations without us even being aware of it, and it can lead us to the wrong conclusions and consequences.

These snap judgments are determined by many different aspects such as a person’s age or race, their physical appearance or how they sound. They stem from the unconscious bias that we develop throughout our lives as a result of our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. But they invariably mean that we misjudge people and situations and make poor decisions.

Understanding Bias

In reponse, acclaimed bias expert Professor Binna Kandola and used by leading organisations around the world, this Understanding Bias online course looks at how bias affects our relationships and decision-making and why eliminating its impact can improve our ability to evaluate people and make better choices.

Understanding bias will help you to:

  • Hone your ability to assess others’ ability and potential
  • Recruit, retain and advance the best people
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your workforce
  • Build better life and working relationships
  • Make decisions that are well-informed, fair and sustainable

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