What we do at Wright Solutions is simple and successful - we work with businesses to provide recruitment, selection and training services. The link between our Recruitment and Training services ensures that we can deliver something different to most of our competitors.

But what makes us truly unique is the people who deliver the service.

We are those people! We’ve worked in our sectors (and for Wright Solutions) for approaching 20 years each and we know what we’re doing. We’ve seen the HR sector evolve, we’ve helped HR administrators become exceptional senior HR professionals and we’ve helped businesses of all sizes and sectors grow and flourish.

And we do it with a smile (most of the time!), an understanding of what customer service actually means and the confidence to challenge your thinking. Lots of people claim to be consultants but unless they are able to influence your thinking and challenge you, is that really true?

We are prepared to challenge your thinking. We are determined to really provide value in what we do - what we are good at. We are here to focus on you, and your desired outcomes, keep it real and guide and support you towards success.

The Wright Solutions team

Paul Wright

The man with the name above the door! Paul has been supporting L+D professionals across the UK since 1987 when he worked as an account manager for Video Arts. He seems to know everyone and is the only true Brummie in a proud, Birmingham based business.

Paul is the one who has the bright ideas (starting with the setting up of Wright Solutions in 1998) and is always innovating the product offering to make sure that we remain on trend.

When not in the office, you will find him walking his dogs or coaching his son’s football team The Barnt Green Colts.

Diana Sharp

Her name might not be above the door, but we all know who’s in charge. She’s managed big recruitment teams, across multiple disciplines, in large recruitment firms but she left because she liked being a recruiter, doing the job properly and delivering what the client needs.

Diana is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has a passion for working with individuals to support them to achieve their business and life goals.

Diana combines her passion for swimming and coaching at Redditch Swimming Club where she coaches swimming to local teenagers, including her own.

Jon Terry

Jon is the brains behind the operation (and also the one who writes all the marketing material!!) Having started his recruitment career in the IT sector, he found his personality matched far better to the softer side of HR and People. Famous for his never-ending enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude, he is the resident recruiter of roles where others fear to tread, with great success. No job is off limits to Jon.

When not at work you will generally find him on his bike or by the rugby pitch at Bournville Rugby coaching the next generation to be as awesome as he is.

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