Posted on 27th March 2015 by Diana Sharp

I think I could have done better

I think I could have done better

You’ve just come out of an interview and as you sit thinking about how you did you can’t quite escape the thought that you’ve not done that well. You’ve just not nailed the answers as well as you could have… if only you could have done better.

So what do you do now?

Note down the questions that they asked NOW while they’re fresh in your mind. And note down what you could/should have said.

And next time you’re prepping for an interview have a read back over those notes. Make sure that next time you’re prepped and ready with the good examples and answers that you didn’t come up with this time.

Now forget about it until you’ve got the full feedback from the interviewer.

Don’t try and second guess what the interviewer thought of you. Don’t start giving yourself too much of a hard time and then start to talk yourself out of the job. You don’t want to be heading down an “I didn’t really want the job anyway it’s probably a good job I didn’t do very well” thought process before they ring and tell you that you’re perfect for the job! It’s just not the right mind-set to start from just before you have to start negotiating a salary or a start date!

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