Posted on 30th October 2015

Leading Teams to High Performance

Leadership can be a bit like being on the top of a mountain when the cloud quickly closes in. Way down below awaits a hot toddy, an enormous tartan-covered armchair and an open fire, but you can no longer see how to get there and what’s more, you’ve lost sight of the rest of your team, who don’t know where you are or which direction they need to go in. It’s lonely up there and you’re not sure what your first course of action should be.

What is it?

Like the sunshine that clears away the cloud,  Leading High Performance Teams is an event that gives leaders absolute clarity, allowing them to see the most important goals and priorities, and re-igniting their enthusiasm. Whilst most leaders can identify the weaknesses in their teams, sometimes moving forward seems so littered with challenges, that it can feel overwhelming, leaving leaders unsure on where to begin. With our engaging and interactive method of delivery, leaders will leave focused and with absolute clarity over what needs to be done and how to do it.

Best practice content 

  • Create a compelling vision
  • What makes an outstanding team
  • Delivering performance improvement – where to focus your attention
  • Driving accountability and a commitment to excellence
  • Developing and implementing action plans

The Benefits?

  • Leaders know which priorities to focus on to bring the greatest benefit to team performance
  • Leaders know what needs to be done to drive performance improvement
  • Leaders have the confidence and skills to implement performance improvement strategies
  • Teams will have absolute clarity over their goals and what needs to be done to achieve them
  • Teams will be more accountable, have greater trust in their leader and deliver greater results

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