Posted on 20th December 2017

Non-Verbal Communication Tells to Avoid During An Executive Interview

Non-Verbal Communication Tells to Avoid During An Executive Interview

After being in the business for many years, climbing up the career ladder along the way, it should be obvious that you now have a personal brand and value proposition to help you target employers.

The question now is, have you been keeping up-to-date with interview trends and interview questions? Probably not if you’ve been in your current position for the last few years. Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic, you can focus on one thing at a time.

Today it’s time to focus on your non-verbal communication skills as they are still highly important and could cost you an opportunity with a targeted employer if haven’t thought them through. You may think you are confident but that’s mostly been cultivated with your previous co-workers and clients, everyone new you meet is different so you need to rethink and prepare with them in mind.

So, what should you avoid during your upcoming interview?

Weak handshakes

If you’ve been in the industry for years, you should be confident in your skills and abilities. Show the interviewer that. Before you shake hands make an impression, stand up straight, walk with you head held high and shake hands firmly while making eye contact and smiling. However, you must ensure this is not carried out in a arrogant manner, you haven’t got the job just yet.

No facial expression

During the interview, it is important that your face is as engaged in the conversation as you are. Not smiling, for instance, could make you come across as though you are in a mood or don’t want to be there, that you aren’t engaging in the conversation and couldn’t care less if you get the position or not.

Poor posture

Sitting up straight is key as an asymmetrical, slouchy posture may make come across as though you are too lazy to make a good impression.


Fidgeting is not only a distraction, it is also a sign of nervousness or anxiety. It shows that you are on edge and may make the hiring manager feel as though you aren’t able to work well under pressure. Try to keep your body still and breathe slowly, focus on what the interviewer is saying and think about your answers, but please ensure that you don’t look as though you are forcing yourself, be natural and go with the flow.

Invading the hiring manager’s personal space

Invasion of space is always a big no-no. During an interview it is important to respect the hiring manager’s personal space by not standing too close to them or touching them when not requested. Keep as much distance as they give to you and move back at any point if you feel as though you are too close.

Keep these tips in mind

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