Posted on 30th October 2015

Strategic Planning Kick Start Programme

This programme provides the ‘kick’ your strategic team need to develop, finalise and implement a winning strategic plan.

What is it?

During the course of this 2 day programme, which brings together your strategic team, we will help you to: formulate your winning strategy, evaluate and deal with any constraints and challenges and put together a comprehensive action plan for the communication, execution and measurement of your plan. We will give you all of the strategic management and decision making tools and skills you need to ensure this programme kick starts the successful future for your organisation.

The benefits?

The Strategic Planning Kick Start Programme puts an end to any ‘beating about the bush’. It drives focus and commitment and results in a well-formulated ‘winning’ strategy, for which the team have a detailed action plan on how it will be rolled out, executed and monitored.

  • Unity over the direction and goals of the business
  • Absolute clarity over how the plan will be communicated, executed and measured
  • A highly effective strategic team, with the skills to plan and drive the business forward
  • Implementation of the plan brings about an increase in levels of engagement, productivity, trust and accountability across the business
  • And finally, a clear, well-thought out and effective strategic plan delivers bottom-line results for your business

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