Posted on 30th October 2015

Team Accelerate Programme

Our Team Accelerate Programme will re-ignite your team’s passion for collective success, whilst maintaining focus on individual capabilities.

What is it?

We kick off with a half day session with the leader, an intensive 2-day programme for the entire team then follows, in which your coach will help your team to, identify those aspects of team performance that are holding the team back, clearly define the team’s vision and goals and put in place a structured plan for achieving and measuring those goals.

The benefits?

Our Team Accelerate Programme breaks down the barriers to your team’s success, helping you put in place a winning strategy. The Team Accelerate Programme ensures your team have all they need to deliver outstanding performance time and time again.

  • Addresses team performance shortfalls
  • Ensures everybody knows and is working towards the same goals
  • Improves team cohesiveness and effectiveness
  • Renews enthusiasm and motivation for team success
  • Heightens accountability within the team
  • Improves team productivity and bottom-line results

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