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Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy

Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Review 

A Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Review facilitates an impartial and unbiased analysis of the D&I policies, approaches and data an organisation has.  It will identify key gaps, generate insightful data and culminate in a report for the leadership team to consider, when setting their Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. 

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 

A clear and focussed Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is critical in ensuring that an organisation’s D&I approaches achieve optimum results.  We can help you identify what Diversity & Inclusion means to your business and consider how that will be executed and achieved.  Typically, the creation of a strategy would draw on a combination of data, input from leaders and a connection with the overall business strategy.  It can culminate in the design of a high-level plan, to take strategy into action. 

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning 

For organisations who have already created their Strategy or committed to a set of D&I goals or targets, but need support in how to get there, we can work with you to create a comprehensive action plan.  This will take into consideration your organisational culture and style, and can be designed within other parameters, such as budget or deadlines. 

Diversity & Inclusion Programme Management 

For organisations who have a strategic plan in place, but who need help to manage the overall approach or specific interventions within the plan, we can bring our programme and initiative management expertise, to execute the plan in partnership with you.  This could include: 

  • Facilitation of D&I Strategy Offsites 
  • Delivery of Inclusive Leadership Coaching 
  • Managing Mentoring and Sponsorship initiatives 
  • Running Returning Talent programmes
  • Management of eLearning and Skype interventions
  • Delivery of Workshops and Train the Trainer 

Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarking 

Diversity & Inclusion benchmarking includes the creation or agreement of a Diversity & Inclusion benchmark that is appropriate for the organisation and a robust process of analysis and audit, against that standard.  It will identify key gaps, generate insightful information and themes, and result in recommendations of how to address the issues and opportunities identified. 

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