Posted on 30th October 2015

Emotional Intelligence

Could you identify your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and drivers and even easier to see how you are perceived by others. Removed from the situation and its associated emotions, it is easier to empathise with others and to form a more rational, considered response. Our Emotional Intelligence 1 day event provides you with the skills and techniques required to take a step back and achieve a more objective, emotionally intelligent viewpoint.

What is it?

Rapidly gaining momentum as being the most desirable quality in today’s leaders, Emotional Intelligence is the awareness of your own and others’ emotions, the ability to regulate these emotions and the skills to manage relationships in order to achieve the desired result. Whilst some people do show a pre-disposition for Emotional Intelligence, it is a skill that can be learnt.

Best practise Content

  • What Emotional Intelligence is and why it’s important for self-development
  • Self-awareness - learning to recognise how you’re perceived by others, understanding your own drivers, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Self management and regulation - techniques for managing your emotions, enabling you to make rational, considered decisions and actions, that are not fueled by your emotions
  • Social awareness - developing techniques for increasing empathy, learning to read emotions through verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Relationship management - The employment of the above skills to make you more effective in your communications and relationships with others, ensuring you can be confident and efficient when dealing with challenges such as change, conflict and influencing others.

The benefits

Emotionally intelligent individuals are more effective because they have a greater awareness of their own and other people’s emotions. Conversely, people who lack Emotional Intelligence do not see the whole picture; it’s a bit like trying to decide which house to buy, having read only the estate agents blurb.

  • Emotionally intelligent individuals are more committed and focused on goals
  • Emotionally intelligent individuals are calmer, more rational and avoid emotional outbursts
  • Emotionally intelligent individuals are better communicators because they are able to empathise with others
  • Emotionally intelligent individuals are more able to inspire, motivate and lead others to action
  • Emotionally intelligent individuals have better relationships, allowing them to be more productive and effective
  • And finally, Emotional Intelligence offers you a cost and time effective solution to heightening personal effectiveness

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