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Facing Redundancy in your Twenties

Redundancy AdviceOver the years redundancies have become a more regular occurrence, especially since the recession hit the UK back in 2008. When we think of the word redundancy, we associate only those in their late thirties and over being affected, but believe it or not, many people in their twenties have also been faced with the dreaded redundancy process.

No matter how hard redundancies may seem, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to help get back on your feet.

Don’t let it knock your confidence

Being laid off from a job will most likely make you question your abilities, wonder what you did wrong and think ‘why me?’, but it is important to remember that your job was made redundant, not you. It can happen to anyone at anytime. Funding can be lost, clients can go elsewhere and companies may be forced to re-evaluate the services they offer.

It’s always a good opportunity to up your game and take your skills further so why not use this redundancy as motivation to better yourself?

Budget, budget, budget

Losing your job may mean you need to dip into your savings account, but that’s okay, you can build it up again. Make sure you calculate all of your monthly bills and see how long you can afford to be off work.

If you do not have any savings to fall back on don’t stress, contact a bank manager, they can help you organise an extended overdraft and cancel any excess direct debits. It may not be ideal, but it will help pay your bills.

Don’t just go for any job on the market

If your redundancy was unexpected, panic mode may set in quite severely. Your first instinct is to find a job, any job will do, you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, this mindset will have even more consequences later down the line. Don’t let this panic take over, take a breather.

If you go for just any job on the market, you are most likely not going to enjoy it and only stick it out for a few months. What’s the point? You don’t need to put yourself through hell and back to only waste your time and effort, ending up back where you started.

Instead, spend your time wisely, look at roles in detail and select the jobs that best suit your wants and needs. Yes, you may need to negotiate when it comes to your salary, but you’ll be much happier doing something worthwhile, something you enjoy. You’ve got many years ahead of you so make sure they’re something to look forward to.

Improve your CVImprove your CV

As we’ve already stated, it’s always a good idea to better yourself, so why not start with your CV? Alter your CV to match the sector you are applying for, show off your skills and place all your relevant experience near the top. Make your CV shine above the rest.

Contact an executive recruitment consultant

The redundancy process may not be as daunting as you first thought, but it is still worth working with a specialist recruitment agency. They can help you find the job of your dreams and give you expert advice to help you manage any issues and implications caused by the redundancy process - they can help you take advantage of the situation.

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