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How Much are Stressed and Unhappy Workers Costing You?

How Much are Stressed and Unhappy Workers Costing You?

Why mental health should top your training agenda in 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week

New Government plans to transform mental health support for schools and employers reflect the growing awareness of the importance of good mental health at every point in our lives.

But we're only really beginning to understand the true impact of poor mental health on our society and economy - and employers are ignoring it at their peril.

Mental ill health is one of the biggest threats to UK businesses and organisations today, costing employers billions of pounds every year in sickness absence, reduced productivity and staff recruitment and taking a terrible personal toll on employees from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Our 'Mental health in the workplace' e-learning suite combines original drama with powerful real-life stories and insight from frontline mental health experts to show just why good mental health is so crucial and what you can do to promote and support it in your workplace.

License one course for £1500 or license the suite for £2000.
Gives you unlimited users for 12 months on your LMS.


1. Mental health in the workplace: good practice

2. Mental health in the workplace: overview


Our training looks at:

  • The business case for supporting good mental health
  • Employers' legal responsibilities and duty of care
  • The importance of communication and compassion
  • Common triggers for stress
  • How to recognise the early signs of stress, anxiety or depression
  • What to do if someone develops a mental health problem and how to provide effective support
  • Embedding a workplace culture that values and promotes good mental health

Find out how a mentally healthy workplace can help unlock potential, boost productivity and improve engagement with 'Mental health in the workplace' training.

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