Posted on 30th October 2015

1:1 Business Coaching

If you’re thinking about hiring a coach, you’ll want to be certain it’s somebody you can get along with and confide in. Well the first thing you should know about our coaches is that they’re all human beings! What’s more, they all have personalities and a sense of humour, combined with an essential passion for helping people to be the very best they can be.

What is it?

There’s no therapist’s couch involved in business coaching, session’s focus on specific individual development needs, whilst also addressing additional issues, on an ad hoc basis.  1:1 Business Coaching makes people more effective.

The benefits?

  • Significantly increases confidence
  • Increases focus on personal development, by providing a clear picture of your own tendencies, biases and patterns of behaviours
  • Increases communication skills, emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Improves time-management
  • Brings a greater work/life balance
  • Re-energises passion and motivation for the job

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