Posted on 30th October 2015

Personality Profiling

Personality profiling is nothing like those quizzes you find in magazines, that tell you whether you’re likely to be the life and soul of a party, or the one standing quietly in a corner – we’re pretty sure you already know which one of these you are!

What is it?

Our Business Psychologists provide professional advice and support to organisations seeking to improve the performance of the people in their business and help individuals to get the most out of their work. Broadly, we work in the area of talent management but specialise in development/assessment centres, management development, coaching, 360 degree feedback and competency modelling.

Our consultants hold Level A and Level B certificates in Psychometric Testing and Qualified in the use of extensive range of psychometric assessments, including:

  • OPQ
  • MQ
  • MBTI Step I and II
  • Wave Professional Styles
  • NEO PI-R
  • Hogan suite: (HPI, HDS, MVPI)
  • Talent Q’s Dimensions
  • Leadership judgement Indicator (LJI)
  • Strengthscope
  • Aston Team Performance Inventory

Our team are Members of the British Psychology Society, the Division of Occupational Psychology and the Special Group in Coaching. Having strong business relationships with key strategic partners, we can provide a holistic approach to talent management and human resource projects.

Specialties: Talent management, development centres, assessment centres, performance management, competencies/capabilities, psychometric testing, 360 degree feedback, management/leadership development and training, coaching, teambuilding.

What does it cost?

The cost will depend on how many people and tool required. The cost will include pre-briefing on the tool, the collation and administering of results and detailed feedback on the results.

The benefits?

  • Increases Emotional Intelligence
  • Heightens team cohesiveness, as respondents become more empathic towards their colleagues
  • Creates a focus on personal development, as individuals have
  • Significantly improves the communication skills of respondents

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