Posted on 30th October 2015

Presentation Skills

Do you dread giving presentations? Does the thought bring you out in a cold sweat? Do you worry that your presentations are increasing incidents of narcolepsy in your organisation, or that they’re simply failing to deliver the message and results that you need? Our Presentation Skills 1 day event offers an alternative to handing out matchsticks every time you give a presentation.

What is it?

As an alternative to providing your audience with matchsticks (to hold their eyes open during your presentation), our event focuses instead on turning you into a confident, dynamic and impactful presenter: no longer will you fear the audience or the outcome. You will cover:

  • Purpose – setting the goals for your presentation – What do you want to achieve?
  • Considering your audience – tailoring techniques and dealing with questions
  • Setting the stage – controlling the room and the environment to achieve maximum impact
  • Opening and closing techniques
  • Preparation and practice techniques
  • Dealing with nerves and their physical manifestation
  • Injecting energy, enthusiasm and passion into your delivery
  • Body language
  • The use of storytelling to create an engaging, memorable presentation that moves your audience to action
  • Every participant will have the opportunity to practice the skills learnt on the day and to receive feedback on their performance

The benefits?

Our coaches bring a reassuring approach to the programme. Not only do they regularly deliver course programmes, but they are all used to delivering inspirational and motivational speeches to large audiences and so have stood in your shoes. In short, you’re in safe hands.

  • You will have greater confidence when giving presentations
  • You will have specific skills to manage and control your nerves
  • Your presentations will be more engaging for your audience and therefore will result in a deeper understanding
  • You will be better prepared for giving presentations
  • Your presentations will have structure, a clear goal and direction and will tailor specifically to your audience
  • Your presentations will bring you greater successes, more often, delivering you your desired outcome
  • The techniques learnt in the masterclass will impact significantly on other areas of your performance as well, e.g. running meetings, influencing techniques, dealing with objections and improving your confidence

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