Posted on 9th January 2017

Sales Team Technology

Technology’s adoption into the sales process at organisation level has increased significantly in the last few years. eCRM strategies and the deployment of CRM systems has introduced a more ‘date driven’ approach to selling.

We offer technology as part of our consultancy services - to help measure performance and meet the key objectives both during and after a training, coaching or consultancy service has concluded.

After all, learning, professional development and performance management are ongoing, while the use of technology ensures that the metrics, value drivers and KPIs identified during the programme delivery are then fed into applications and dashboards for sales professionals, managers and leaders to use.

One of our most recent developments is an iOS application that records sales coaching within the field. The app provides valuable insights via a dashboard reporting mechanism and in one case was used to support the embedding of a new coaching culture, resulting in a significant increase in the quality and quantity of observational coaching sessions.

The technology, just like the services, can be tailored to the organisation, its leaders and teams, and is developed in parallel to the design of service you choose.

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