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Social Selling

What is Social Selling?

  • Social Selling is becoming an integral part of the prospecting mix for sales people and organisations.
  • Social Selling positions you as somebody your prospects and customers can (and should) go to for information/advice. This is achieved by sharing relevant and insightful content and commentary across digital platforms.
  • Social Selling removes the hard-sell and allows your prospects and customers to learn more about your expertise, credibility, trustworthiness and the added value you can bring before you even have a conversation about needs, securing your position ‘front-of mind’ with them when a need is ultimately identified.

Why is Social Selling important for Sales People and Organisations?

  1. It aligns with the way buyers want to buy

Buyers now complete approximately 68% of the buying process online and 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions.

  1. Traditional prospecting methods don’t work

Cold calling has only a 0.3% conversion rate and emails have just a 0.12% response rate, whilst GDPR regulations provide additional restrictions on prospecting activities.

  1. Your competitors are doing it

90% of top-performing sales people use Social Selling tools. If your competitors aren’t already using Social Selling, they soon will be.

What are the benefits of Social Selling?

  • More Opportunities– Social Selling leaders create a staggering 45% more opportunities.
  • Hit your Targets – Social Selling leaders are 51% more likely to hit target.
  • Competitive Advantage – Social Sellers outsell their peers who are not using social media 78% of the time.
  • Maintain Margins – Social Selling builds confidence in the buyer and in the sales person. This increased confidence heightens perceived value on both sides, enabling the sales person to confidently keep hold of margin.
  • Commercial Acumen – Keeping abreast of what others in your industry and in your customers’ and prospects’ industries are up to increases commercial acumen.
  • Customer Retention– Social Selling provides a very natural way of staying in contact with existing customers, letting them see what other great work you’ve been up to, whilst also promoting and championing their businesses.

Who should attend?

B2B Sales People and Sales Leaders looking to accelerate their own, or their teams’, Social Selling skills.

We regularly run open Social Selling workshops, click here to view our Events page to view forthcoming workshops and events.

Social Selling open workshop – 16th May 2019

The workshop comprises a mix of short plenary sessions, to introduce key concepts and practical application of these concepts on live social platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

We can also deliver the Social Selling Workshop in-house.

If you would prefer a more tailored, bespoke Social Selling training solution for your team, either as a stand-alone session, or as part of a wider sales training solution, please contact us for more information.

  • What does the Social Selling Workshop cover?
  • How to build a personal digital brand
  • Targeting the Right People – Using Social Selling as a prospecting tool
  • Adding Value and Insight – Curating and creating relevant and informative content
  • Leveraging your Networks – Growing your reach and your funnel
  • Developing Relationships – Sustaining and maintaining your Contact Strategy

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