Posted on 3rd January 2022 by Paul Wright

Take your performance to new levels in 2022

Take your performance to new levels in 2022

Success is different from everyone. That's why we created GoUP, a coaching programme that helps you set and achieve your goals by identifying your values, building the right habits and creating an action plan for real change.

What can you achieve in 2022?

With GoUP coaching you will identify your purpose, achieve your goals, and be at your best. Whether it's renewed focus, a new job, improved life balance or meeting that elusive goal, we can help you identify and remove the obstacles to clear the path to success. 

You will learn valuable skills like:

- Goal setting

- Communication strategies

- Problem solving techniques

- Emotional intelligence

All designed to be specific to you.

Powering you to GoUP

"As a qualified NLP and Mind Factor coach, I bring a unique blend of educational and real-life experience to performance coaching that gets results.

"All the tools and techniques you will learn have been applied at the highest levels of business, professional sport and life.

"It's time to move forward with confidence."

Paul Wright, GoUP Coach.

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