Posted on 29th January 2018

Three Simple Signs That Show You Are in a Dead End Job - Is It Time to Move on?

Three Simple Signs That Show You Are in a Dead End Job - Is It Time to Move on?

With 2018 starting to pick up speed, it might be time to evaluate your current position to identify whether you are in a dead end job or not. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the year, or longer, doing something you don’t enjoy. Afterall, you have most likely been searching the topic which led you here... that’s a warning on its own.

Here are three simple signs which prove you are in a dead end job:

1. You aren’t challenged

Ideally, your current position will require you to take on both tasks within your skillset and some more challenging towards your intellectuality and creativity. This will ensure that you are able to utilise your current skills and expand on them to further your knowledge. However, if this isn’t the case, you may find yourself without any new and exciting projects or tasks in the future. You will be doing the same thing day in, day out and won’t be challenged. This is an indication that there is no more room for you to grow within the company, therefore, you won’t be able to improve your skills or experience new things.

2. You have no motivation

If you’ve been in the same position for a while, with no prospects or responsibilities, you may find that you get that ‘Monday feeling’ every day, and it could even lead to you not wanting to move up in the company. Therefore, you must ask yourself: is this really what I want to be doing? Can I continue this for a few more months or years?

From this, you should write down a list of pros and cons about your roles and discuss them with your boss, or start looking online for your ideal position. Take it in your stride and find out what really motivates you. What will you enjoy doing?

3. Promotions and new opportunities are long gone

This one mostly applies to smaller businesses and specific departments in larger organisations. If you’ve been in your current position for a few years and haven’t seen colleagues move up the career ladder, or the company doesn’t implement strategies in hopes of growing and expanding, there may not be a position above yours to grow into. You will stay where you are.

If this appears to be the case, you need to sit down and evaluate whether the company is able to support your future goals and career prospects. Have the discussion with your managers and tell them your hopes of growing, their answer should be a clear indication of whether you are going to stay or not.

Is it time to move on?

If one or more of these signs has struck a chord with you and you’ve tried your best to overcome them but had no joy, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. Put your time, effort and skills into a job that will not only benefit you financially but mentally and emotionally too. Don’t waste your days doing something you don’t enjoy or aren’t able to expand on. Relish in new opportunities and set new goals.

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