Posted on 30th October 2015

Confident Communication

Communicating confidently begins with an awareness of both, your own strengths and vulnerabilities as a communicator - How good at listening are you? Do you tend to jump to premature conclusions in conversations? An ability to ‘read’ what the other person really means when they communicate with you – to understand the ‘other person’s world’.

1 Day Confident Communication

Learn how to:

  • Plan and prepare like a hostage negotiator for that important conversation
  • Bust the biggest communication myths
  • Build and gain trust and rapport, individually and as a team
  • Get information without asking questions
  • Listen with heightened awareness
  • Know what to listen for
  • Interpret the true significance of what’s being said
  • Test your hypothesis without offending the other person
  • Use the social rules we all abide by in conversation to your advantage
  • Deal with challenging people
  • Master the art of negotiation
  • Move to advanced level listening (tell your friends and family it’s impossible to sustain for long so you won’t be able to read their minds – all the time!)

Is this the right course for me/my team?

Yes, if you or your people want an intensive day to learn to communicate more effectively.

What can I expect?

  1. To be entertained
  2. To be challenged
  3. To learn a lot of new stuff

Delivery style?

Not remotely corporate. Fun. Unexpected. With plenty of role play and learning through doing.

What’s the biggest benefit?

Having a skill very few people have and using it to communicate to your advantage.

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