Posted on 30th October 2015

The Complete Communicator

Life or death communication lessons you won't learn anywhere else.

When did you last listen? Really listen?

Not bide your time until you could get your point across.

Not plan your argument, or jump in with advice. But listen, with your full attention…

So if your life depended on it, or theirs did, and could you say for certain where the other person was coming from and why.


If you recognise yourself here, you’re not alone. We all do it. Or rather don’t.

Listen that is.

Which means we communicate at a disadvantage. Because everything starts with listening. As hostage negotiators, our experts have built their careers on developing elite-level listening skills.

What they share with you will surprise, entertain and challenge you in equal measure.

Life or death lessons you won’t learn anywhere else

  • Imagine you could talk a gunman into handing over his weapon.
  • Persuade a terrorist to reveal the location of a kidnap victim.
  • Reason with a suicidal young woman so she steps away from the edge.

In common with the world’s crack negotiators, what skill would underlie your success?

Oratory? Empathy? Patience?

Along with our Experts, your lead skill would be elite-level listening. All our communication courses teach you to listen as if lives depended on it. The benefits will boost your effectiveness in every area of your life.

The Complete Communicator programmes

Posted on 30th October 2015

Confident Communication

Communicating confidently begins with an awareness of both, your own strengths and vulnerabilities as a communicator - How good at listening are you? Do you tend to jump to premature conclusions in conversations? An ability to ‘read’ what the other person really means when they communicate with you – to understand the ‘other person’s world’.

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Posted on 30th October 2015


People who get results are usually good at building productive workplace relationships. They do it through great communication skills that give rise to mutually beneficial outcomes. Persuasion is not about getting your own way to the detriment of others. It is about bringing together two worlds of knowledge and expertise to get things done.

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Posted on 30th October 2015

Negotiate and Influence for Success

You're at the negotiation table. You have all your strategies planned. Then 'the other party' comes up with the unexpected... Are you prepared for this? Have you a fall-back position? If not, why not? At our Win Win events you learn communication skills gleaned from the closely guarded world of hostage negotiation.  

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