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How To Hire The Best Candidates

How To Hire The Best Candidates

With the job market more competitive than ever before, it is important that you know how to hire the very best candidates for your business. The three most important aspects we’d like to focus on are modern recruitment tips that will enhance your success.

1. Enhance diversity

Many recruiters believe diversity is important when looking for candidates. However, there is still a large gap when it comes to creating equal opportunities in the workplace and employers need to focus on removing the stigma regarding gender, age, race and beliefs.

Employers should also widen their focus towards part-time, agile work. Some people are unable, or unwilling, to work full-time, with a bigger focus on work-life balance and meeting family demands. If your client can gain a better candidate (for less money!) by offering flexible or part-time working hours then why not do that? By considering candidates regardless of their schedule you are able to broaden your search and open more opportunities.

2. Become Mobile and Social Savvy

Hiring managers can benefit from social media as they can share jobs and interact with users to find the best candidates and create a good reputation for their brand. By communicating with users, hiring managers can save time by informing people if the job is not suited to them and gaining more information from those they see as fit for the role. As well as embracing social media, it is important that your website is mobile-friendly as accessing websites through a mobile device gets more and more common by the day. You wouldn’t believe how many recruitment businesses do not have a mobile-friendly career site. As a result, they risk missing out on the best candidates and gaining a happy client.

3. Look further than qualifications

Qualifications are often made an ‘essential’ on a job spc, however, we think that there are times where you should look past these to look past those and identify what other skills the candidate has to offer. This is more essential as someone could have all the knowledge, but not the work ethic needed to undertake the role. Others may have fewer qualifications but have an incredible work ethic and can learn on the job.

Many of our peers say that they look out for a range of soft skills when carrying out their executive search, paying particular attention to enthusiasm, conversational skills and cultural fit. So next time you have a list of candidates, don’t just accept those with the best qualifications, look at those who have great skills and see how they are in person.

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