Posted on 6th January 2017

Sales Simulations

Building new sales skills requires salespeople to be willing to make a change and requires the organisation to provide a safe yet challenging opportunity to practice the new skills.

Salespeople often exhibit an optimism bias about their current sales skills level and therefore can be resistant or ambivalent to training.

Sales Simulations provide the crucial reality check that will improve competencies of salespeople and support their learning and development.

Our Sales Simulations are fully immersive, standalone, or modular elements of our sales training that is brought into a coaching environment. Our team of coaches re-create an industry-specific challenging scenario, in which your team’s sales skills are put to the test.

The information gathered on your team’s reactions and behaviours is reliable and accurate because of the customised, organisation-specific nature of the simulations.

What are the benefits?

Sales Simulations should enable sales professionals to:

  • Practice new skills in a safe environment.
  • Experiment with new ways of dealing with common challenges.
  • Clearly identify areas of strengths and development needs.
  • Embeds the learning from other sales training programmes.
  • Feel the positive anxiety of an actual customer situation.
  • Be positively challenged about their current approach and realise the benefits of adopting new skills.
  • Receive immediate expert feedback on their performance.

Who should attend?

Sales Simulations is right for any member of your team who interacts with customers.

This could include people working in a variety of disciplines including:

  • Sales professionals.
  • Sales management professionals.
  • Account management professionals.
  • Business development professionals.
  • Customer service professionals.
  • Our Approach/Delivery Options.

As part of our approach, we ensure that a thorough diagnostic (including customer meeting observations) is carried out before we design the experiential learning element of our programme.

Sales Simulations can be run as:

  • An assessment of your team’s current capabilities.
  • Support for the reinforcement of other sales training modules.
  • Support for pitching a new value proposition.
  • A recruitment tool.

Typically, the Sales Simulations will consist of a range of different learning and delivery methods, which may include:

  • Classroom style sales training modules - often focused on a single sales capability, e.g. value based negotiation skills, pitching skills.
  • Role-play simulations - using actors to play the role of the customer, we put your salespeople to the test.
  • Deal Clinics - Sales Coach facilitated sessions in which we work with your salespeople on live deals, reviewing opportunities and accelerating these deals to closure.
  • Team Pursuit modules - Sales teams are split into smaller groups, who must compete against one another to secure appointments to pitch their propositions and ultimately to negotiate and win deals.

As part of this service, we employ trained actors to play the role of directors in the customer organisation.

The scenario is a fully customised experience, designed to provide a real-life simulation that relates specifically to your industry, organisation and team.  

Each individual or team receives feedback and guidance throughout the simulation.

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