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Dynamic coaching that improves sales leadership to drive sales team performance.

Our Sales Coaching focuses on sales managers and leaders and aims to deliver techniques and methods to build capability both in performance management and sales leadership.

Key objectives for a Sales Coaching programme can include improving low-win rates, clawing back missed opportunities and identifying and managing under-performing teams and individuals.

While sales training often focuses on the development of the sales professional or team and the improvement of core skills, Sales Coaching focuses on unlocking a sales manager’s potential in order to maximise their own performance and that of their sales team.

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Posted on 6th January 2017

Coaching Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders can often find themselves promoted into a role without formal training and while free online resources can offer ‘template based’ guides, the stability and expertise of sales coaching is invaluable.

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Posted on 6th January 2017

Coaching Sales Managers

Sales Managers will often find themselves promoted to a senior position based on individual performance and without the necessary leadership and performance management training. However, when sales managers coach their team effectively the results are often spectacular.

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Posted on 6th January 2017

Sales Simulations

Building new sales skills requires salespeople to be willing to make a change and requires the organisation to provide a safe yet challenging opportunity to practice the new skills.

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