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Why Exclusivity Is In Your Best Interests

Why Exclusivity Is In Your Best Interests

Exclusivity in recruitment is paramount, hiring managers and recruiters should have a trusted relationship, whereby the recruiter is solely responsible for putting a high pool of candidates forward and filling positions.

If this isn’t the case, chaos and confusion can occur, and positions may not get filled, wasting valuable time and money for both parties.

Ten reasons why exclusivity is key to you as a hiring manager

Here are ten reasons to back up why exclusivity is key:

  1. You get full commitment from the recruiter and their main focus is to fill the role.
  2. The recruiter has more time to go through the database and carry out a full and comprehensive search as they are not racing to put candidates forward, to beat their competition.
  3. Having more time means the recruiter is able to evaluate candidates and compare them to the wants and needs of their client. They will find the most suitable and qualified candidates.
  4. You are only communicating with one person, therefore, you can eliminate confusion and save time.
  5. Exclusivity increases the time to carry out thorough screening to ensure all candidates put forward meet or exceed your expectations.
  6. Not only does exclusivity provide a more reliable process, but you should have more trust in the recruiter and will feel more comfortable in asking questions, while trusting the answers and following advice.
  7. Confidentiality is also preserved as you and your business/vacancy is not being discuss or touted between a number of recruiters.
  8. Exclusivity gives the recruiter the opportunity to bring in all of their resources and use their skills to carry out an effective candidate search. They are not going to just hastily scan databases, but rather can be detailed and thorough when looking through their networks.
  9. Exclusivity also means that the recruiter can handle everything. They can spend their time and efforts finding your best fit candidate, meaning you can go about your days focusing on what they need to without worrying about filling their open positions.
  10. Finally, if you are only using one recruiter, your job isn’t devalued in the eyes of talent who can sometimes be suspicious if the job is represented by multiple recruiters who are just going to put anyone forward.

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