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Why Should I Hire an Executive Recruitment Firm?

Why Should I Hire an Executive Recruitment Firm?

There is a lot of stigma around recruitment firms. All they do is call and email you fifteen times a day pushing candidates for a role that doesn't exist or that you advertised and filled years ago. What is their real benefit?

Well… just like you are an expert at what you do, recruitment consultants are experts at what they do - successfully placing candidates that are well suited to a particular role.

There are plenty of ways that a recruitment consultant can help you not just fill that important position, but fill it with a candidate that will fast become a valuable asset to your team, and even save you money in the process.

Saving You Money

Contrary to popular belief, a recruitment consultancy can actually save you money. Yes, we do get paid, but if you add up the costs of advertising and the time it takes to filter through endless CVs and arrange interviews you will likely find that the right recruitment consultancy can be extremely cost effective, particularly when it comes to filling those high-end positions.

Finding the (W)right Recruitment Firm

As I mentioned earlier - professional recruiters are experts at what they do, but why not narrow that down even further? If you are looking to fill an executive position, or a role for a particular department or industry, why not find a specialist executive recruiter that can cater exactly to your needs?

Executive Search

Finding an executive staffing agency, that specialises in fulfilling executive roles, means that they are well versed in just that. Executive search consultants will likely have extensive experience in placing candidates in management, specialist and senior roles and what’s more, they will have a network of ideal candidates at their fingertips.

Not Just Filling Roles

It’s not the job of an expert executive recruiter to just put as many candidates forward as possible in the hope that one of them will meet the demands of the position and get the job. An executive search consultant will spend time to shortlist CVs, interview candidates and only put forward applicants that will suit your role and your business.

Specialist Expert Advice

Specialist executive search consultants can also provide you with valuable advice. They are able to offer salary advice based on industry benchmarks, offer feedback at every stage of the recruitment process and provide valuable insights into the negotiation of any offers that are made. On top of this they are able to provide information on current market trends and advise on any further advertising trends.

So What Do You Do Now?

Talk to a specialist recruitment firm about the recruitment project you have and what your ambitions are for the role. If they do nothing else they will be able to provide you with expert advise about the project and how "doable" it is. A conversation that will cost you nothing and will be invaluable to you. What have you got to lose?

Wright Solutions offer executive recruitment services and have a team of expert executive recruiters that specialise in placing candidates for executive roles within Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development.

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